Welcome! I’m Annie. I am a wife and mother to two. A lover of all things white wax flower.

I grew up in my grandmother's house until I was 11 years old. White wax flower were my grandmother's favorite flower, and she planted them all over her garden. Those times with my grandmother were the happiest days of my childhood. I lost my grandmother 21 years ago, I still miss her & think of her with love & believe she is watching over me.

about White Wax Flower

Over the years, I have also planted many white wax flower in my house, and whenever I am happy or lost, I go to see them for a few minutes because it reminds me of my grandmother.

White wax flower are beautiful and have wonderful symbols. I have spent over 11 years learning and collecting knowledge about white wax flower. As a lover of white wax flower of 11+ years experiense, I have done my share of research. This blog is where I share all my research and years of experimenting with you. About white wax flower origin, meaning, symbolism, images, etc.

I am on a mission. I hope affnote.com can help more people who are interested in white wax flower.