How To Use White Wax Flowers In Floral Design

White wax flowers are an attractive addition to any bouquet, floral arrangement or creative floral design. Bringing a fresh lemon scent and a flexible texture, this hard-working little flower is very easy to work with, making it a favorite among floral designers. The white wax flower has a relatively recent exotic history, and its symbolism and meaning make it perfect for wedding arrangements, although it can be seen in almost any kind of arrangement. Cascade Wholesale Floral is proud to offer many varieties and colors of wax flowers for your creative designs.

How To Use White Wax Flowers In Floral Design

Origin of white wax flower

Native to Western Australia, this flowering shrub usually has white, pink or purple flowers with five waxy petals on each stem. The leaves of wax plum contain oil glands that produce a beautiful fragrance when crushed, and the flowers themselves give off a fresh scent. Some varieties of wax plum are found in Madagascar and British Guinea as climbing woodland vines or aromatic trees. Those waxflowers we usually see in flower arrangements were only discovered and named in 1819 by the French botanist René-Louis-Che de Fontaine.

History of white wax flower

The southwestern region of Australia is best suited to growing white wax flower in dry, sunny and well-drained conditions, both commercially and in the home garden. These extremely hardy plants can withstand harsh conditions such as frost and drought. As a member of the myrtle family, waxflower blooms naturally in late winter and early spring, which is very rare among flowering species.

Symbolism of white wax flower

White Wax flower symbolizes wealth and long-lasting love and is often used in wedding bouquets as an exotic filler flower. As an affordable and symbolic choice, waxflower is often a viable alternative to full blooms in arrangements of larger flowers. However, wax flowers can also be used entirely on their own, placed in the bride's hair for a bohemian look, or arranged in mason jars for a rustic, rustic look.

Versatility of white wax flower

As a tough, flexible flower, wax flowers are known throughout the floral industry for their ease of handling, making them a huge favorite of floral designers. Gardeners will be pleased to see how easy these low-maintenance flowers are to grow. Regular watering and drainage, along with full sun and annual pruning, will grow gorgeous waxflower shrubs. As a filler flower, waxflower's many colors can be interchanged to enhance roses, tulips, lilies and peonies, among others. As a stand-alone flower, waxflower lasts up to three weeks in cut flowers. Adding wax flowers to your next design can add a sophisticated look and long-lasting endurance to your design.

How To Use White Wax Flowers In Floral Design 2

There are many ways to use wax plum in your next floral design. Its versatility, stamina and beauty make it a favorite. The delightful fragrance and delicate bright petals give this flower a lovely quality that will excite both the recipient and the floral designer. To learn more about the big ambitions of this small flower, talk to the floral experts at Cascade Wholesale Floral. We'll help you find the perfect flowers for your next project, design or arrangement.