White Wax Flower Bouquet: Diy Crayon Flower Arrangement

White wax flower is an attractive addition to any bouquet, arrangement or creative floral design. Bringing a fresh lemon scent and flexible texture, this hard-working little flower is extremely easy to work with, making it a favorite of floral designers.

White Wax Flower Bouquet

White wax flower is traditionally considered an accent flower, but it has plenty of potential to stand on its own. Delicately fragranced with lemon zest, these long-lasting flowers symbolize patience and enduring love.

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The waxflower has a relatively recent and exotic history, and its symbolism and meaning make it perfect for wedding arrangements, although it can be seen in almost any kind of arrangement.

White Wax Flower Crowns

White Wax Flower Crowns
Flower crowns have become widely popular in the last year. If you can't afford a crown decorated with peonies and garden roses, consider making a more affordable solution with wax flowers. Because they are so simple, wax flower crowns will complement any wedding dress and bouquet style, and will never overshadow your beautiful glorious face!

Wedding Flower Crowns

White Wax Flower Bouquet: Wedding Flower Crowns

Adding wax flowers to your bouquet is a great way to stretch your dollar. Instead of packing in traditional focal flowers like roses, dahlias and peonies, mix in some wax flowers to fill in the space and add some dimension to the look - the focal flowers will stand out more if you give them more room to shine Wax flowers come in white, pink, lavender and yellow, so there are plenty of colors to blend in with your dream bouquet!

Simple centerpieces

White Wax Flower Bouquet: Simple centerpieces

White wax flowers are flexible and quite durable, which makes them very easy to work with. If you are DIYing your own centerpieces and want a simple look that will be easy to fix, consider one of these simple centerpiece ideas. You can mix wax flowers with some smaller flowers to add a little variety (tulips are a great idea because they are also easy to work with and easy to arrange with the wax flowers), or you can leave the wax flowers on their own. For a rustic or outdoor-themed wedding, using wax flowers on their own is a beautiful idea, especially if you use Mason jars or eclectic antique vases.

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Other white wax flower arrangements

White Wax Flower Bouquet: Other white wax flower arrangements

One of the best ways to use wax flowers is to carry it throughout the wedding. A wax flower stem can be used to construct a ring boutonniere, which is perfect for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom boutonnieres.

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You can also dress up a simple cake with white wax flower accents on each tier. Wrap each tier with a beautiful band of wax flowers, or ask your baker to design a tiered pattern on one side. For a slightly more practical idea, you can tuck wax flowers into each guest's napkin at the reception. The brightly colored sprigs will make your table look ever so elegant and provide a fresh palate cleanser before dinner.
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