Popular Meanings And Symbolism For White Wax Flowers

White Wax Flowers are often associated with riches and enduring wealth. The long lasting blooms make them a symbol for lasting success and good luck. In terms of love and romance, this flower symbolizes a lasting love or love that endures time and trials. Also be used as a sign of lasting love or patience.

Popular Meanings And Symbolism For White Wax Flowers

In Australia, this flower is used in most of the weddings because it symbolizes a wedding filled with good and happy memories and a new beginning. If you’re looking for a pretty, delicate flower to bulk up an existing wedding bouquet, the Wax Flower is an ideal option and one that will add dimension to the spray.

white wax flower meaning and symbolism

The waxy umbrellas of white wax flower, yes they are actually quite waxy, have a deep and heartfelt symbolism. Not only are they known to spread joy and happiness simply based on their appearance, but they are said to have a long vase life and represent a long and happy marriage, especially in Australia, where the flowers originate.

Since we are talking about love, the White Wax Flower also symbolizes deep and lasting love, possessing the strength to withstand any length of time, number of trials or the determined difficulties that life may bring.

Over time, our waxy friend also came to represent wealth and abundance, not just in monetary terms, but also in terms of quality of life and love, both in others and in oneself, which is directly in line with its natural robust and sturdy nature.

We bet you've never heard of the luck of the Aussies! Good luck, best wishes and long-lasting success are also reflected in the colorful petals of the white wax flower, making it the perfect filler for those graduation flowers you plan to send!

Despite white wax flower is small size, these waxy blooms will draw you in and make you wanting more.